Steven Amiel, Director
Credit & Collections Manager, Tektronix, Inc.

Mark Balstad, Secretary-Treasurer
Area Credit Manager, Crop Production Services, Inc.

Raeann Binau, CICP, RGCP, Director
Credit Manager, Columbia Machine, Inc.

Linda Bishop, CCE, CICP, Chairman
Senior Credit Manager, Tektronix, Inc.

Lisa Canale, Director
Senior Credit Officer, Numerica Credit Union

Jeff Caviness, CBA, Chair Elect
NW Credit Manager, CPM Development

Tony Ceniga, Director
Director of Risk & Credit Management, Industrial Finishes & Systems

John Hardy, Director
Corporate Credit Manager, Emerson Hardwood Co.

Marsha Johnson, CCE, Immediate Past Chairman
Corporate Credit Manager, TEC Equipment, Inc.

Brenda Kivett, Director
Credit Manager, WCP Solutions

Tawnya Marsh, CCE, Director
Credit & A/R Supervisor, Columbia River Knife & Tool

Isaac Miller, Director
Branch Credit Manager, Food Services of America

Caron Munsen, CBA, Director
Credit Manager, Haskins Steel Co., Inc.

Dave Newman, CCE, Secretary-Treasurer
Area Credit Manager, Roofline Supply & Delivery

Sheryl Rasmusson, CCE, Immediate Past Chair
Office Manager, Kilgore Architectural Products

Tess Ricard, CCE, Director
Credit Manager, SCAFCO Corporation

Scott Smithhisler, Director
Vice President Global Trade, U.S. Bank Global Trade Services

Pam Wagner, CCE, Director
Credit Manager, Banner Retail Marketing Group LLC

Jennifer Walsh, CCE
President & COO, NACM Northwest

Rod Wheeland, CCE, CAE
Chief Executive Officer, NACM Northwest