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NACM Northwest and many other associations across the country recently signed new affiliation agreements with the National Association of Credit Management. This action was a milestone in a concerted and collaborative effort which began five years ago with the purpose of strengthening and unifying NACM.

In 2012, a focus group revealed that many NACM members and potential members were confused by the lack of consistency between NACM and its Affiliates and among the Affiliates. This began an Affiliate-driven process to better understand NACM programs and to more closely align the Affiliates with NACM, while still maintaining our independence and flexibility to meet the specific needs of the regions and industries we serve.

This multi-year process to build unity provided countless opportunities for input and has been a true collaboration between the Affiliates, NACM, and the NACM National Board of Directors.… Read the rest

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It is a true pleasure to slow down once a year over a meal and honor NACM’s Past Chairman. It’s a nostalgic gathering of dedicated members and retirees who chose to lead the organization through a term of service on our Board of Directors. The service as Chairman dated back 45 years for some attendees and careers in credit around the table began before I was even born. Oh, the stories that were told! I was humbled by the continued passion for the credit profession and was honored to be a part of the gatherings in both Portland and Spokane.

There are many ways to give back to your credit profession through NACM. I encourage anyone who has interest in serving on a committee or board to make contact with me (… Read the rest

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A special thank you to all who participated, sponsored, and donated to the Golf Scramble this year. This event would be nothing without all of you. See video slideshow below of the fun event!

And the winners are….


1st Place Team Round of golf for each player at the Coeur D’Alene Resort Golf Course+ $50 Cash
Reece Ham Dupree Building Specialties
Shane Bullock Dupree Building Specialties
Jesse Lentz Dupree Building Specialties
Riley Ollera Dupree Building Specialties
2nd Place Team $50 cash for each player
Cliff Berdar Numerica Credit Union
Josh Melcher Numerica Credit Union
Curt Fuller Numerica Credit Union
Brad Stanley Numerica Credit Union
Longest Drive – Men $25 Visa Gift Card
Ryan Bernard
Longest Drive – Women $25 Visa Gift Card
Debbie Reynolds
Closest to Pin – Men $25 Visa Gift Card
Mike Durazo

 … Read the rest

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By: Barry P. Caplan, Sussman Shank LLP


Oregon has a new law dealing with receiverships administered by the Circuit Courts in Oregon. Previously, Oregon had only ORCP 80 Receivers, which was short and covered grounds for an appointment and some basics regarding the order, notice of the receivership, the form of notice, and when and how terminated. Lawyers familiar with foreclosure and business liquidation were able to work with the bare bones of ORCP 80. The rule’s functionality was limited, with little guidance for judges and/or parties to understand how it would work during the receivership. Delays and avoidable problems thwarted the attempt to facilitate liquidation or sale of assets to maximize recovery for creditors. … Read the rest

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By: Shannon Abnal, NACM Northwest

At an industry group meeting recently, I noticed as folks entered the meeting room, the members already present would call out each person’s name in greeting as they came in. “Dave!” or “Mary!” rang out as members trickled in. It reminded me of that old TV show, Cheers. Remember how everyone would call out “Norm!” when regular, Norm Peterson, came in the door?

In some ways, coming to a credit group is like heading to your favorite spot. It’s a safe, familiar place to go where everyone knows your name, they’re always glad you came, and your troubles (credit troubles at least!) are all the same. In our personal lives, we don’t always have someone that can relate to what being a credit manager really means.… Read the rest

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A large majority of consumers in the United States are credit card holders. In 2015, the Federal Reserve reported 70% of U.S. consumers had at least one credit card, meaning roughly 174 million people were credit-active. With these types of numbers, it would seem it’s the norm to charge it, yet this could not be further from the truth in business credit. “It’s a privilege to have credit,” said Graybar Electric Company Financial Manager, Rick Weisman, CCE. This is his No. 1 takeaway when trying to educate his customers about what he does for them as a credit professional.

“It works as a partnership,” he added. Weisman is used to dealing in good faith with customers since he is typically unsecured as a supplier on a project.… Read the rest

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“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em,
Know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away,
And know when to run.”
– Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler”

Though the song is about a gambler, the lyrics hold good advice for anyone involved in a negotiation. After all, according to an expert, negotiating is a game.

At NACM’s Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management held this past June, Bill Russell, vice president and regional director at Transacction Partners, presented a course on “Advance Negotiations” that took advice from Rogers’ song. “Knowing” is an important part of negotiating, since the person with knowledge has the upper hand. Also, smart negotiators give in when they should. When you know when to walk away, that’s playing it smart.… Read the rest